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The Evewell is a fully-integrated centre of medical excellence - dedicated to caring for and protecting all aspects of fertility and gynaecological health. With a proven history of medical expertise and leadership in our field, The Evewell was created with your health and comfort in mind.

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The Evewell is a fully integrated fertility clinic at the intersection of of gynecology and fertility. Services include IVF, ICSI, insemination, fertility preservation, genetic testing, counselling, general gynaecological treatment and nutrition counselling. In addition to standard fertility services, the clinic also has a nutritionist on site, working directly with patients on short, medium and long term plans to adjust their diet and lifestyle to achieve their optimal fertility health. I found the clinic’s 360 approach unique and great for patients who are thinking about their fertility from a holistic, natural and long-term perspective. Nutritional consultation can be scheduled separately from any treatments. Moreover, the facilities are fully integrated so patients can complete their initial consultations to IVF procedures all under one roof, making a tiresome process just a bit easier. The facilities are brand new, with state of the art equipment. The patient waiting area only accommodates as most 3 patients, so patients are guaranteed great care from nurses. The founding team and staff is very attentive and puts patient care at the center of what they do. For patients looking for a holistic approach to their fertility health, the Evewell is a great choice. However, since the clinic is new, opening its doors in June 2018, with no clinical statistics available yet, the Fertility Portal rating is 3/5.

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